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Ian and Angela purchased Gorge Chocolates in 2019.

They have re branded the business “Gorge Chocolates at the Chocolate Alpaca”.

Why Alpaca?

Ian and Angela have owned and run Surilana Alpacas for 20+ years. It is Victoria’s largest alpaca stud and Australia’s largest suri alpaca stud. Suris are the rarer of the 2 breeds of alpaca.


Surilana also runs a large herd of huacaya alpacas. Huacaya are the more familiar breed of alpaca.

Angela is an International Alpaca Judge and has judged alpaca shows in Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada and Germany.

Ian and Angela are partners in International Alpaca Exports who have exported alpacas all over the world. They are also partners in Scotch Group, who select and class alpaca fibre to transform into beautiful alpaca products.

Alpacas For Sale

There is a large array of alpacas for sale at Gorge Chocolates at all price points. They range from males for herd protection through to females and champion stock.

Suri fleece is an exquisite natural fibre, which has unique properties which set it apart from any other fibre.


When suri fleece is woven into cloth and then brushed, it produces a cloth, which has a unique, luxurious, slippery and super soft handle. When this brushed fibre is made into coats, capes etc, the drape, lustre and feel are breathtaking.


When Ian and Angela were looking for a destination to promote alpacas and alpaca product to tourists, the Gorge Chocolates was a natural choice!


What a brilliant combination – alpacas and chocolate! The amazing Belgian chocolate and the beautiful alpacas are a match made in heaven. Visitors really appreciate being able to sample the chocolates, sip on coffee and hot chocolate made with real chocolate, while watching the antics of the alpacas and llamas.

The alpaca products, from scarves, toys, gifts, beanies, shawls, gloves, quilts, pillows, rugs etc have become increasingly popular and visitors appreciate being able to see and handle the beautiful products that are made from alpaca fleece.

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